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3D-Acquired Research Dataset

Project Overview

3D-Acquired Research Dataset (3D-ARD) is a research-oriented collection of complex and large-scale 3D objects and scenes, acquired and processed using state of the art hardware and software. Its goal is to bridge the gap between computer scientists (who develop acquisition and processing tools) and practitioners (who generate and work daily with these data), by providing high-quality data representative of practitioners usages.

For each item of the collection (e.g. an object, a building), we provide:

  • raw data, acquired using different modalities (laser scanning, photogrammetry, micro-tomography),
  • cleaned and reconstructed point-clouds and meshes,
  • modeled version(s) of the item, produced by professional artists under experts supervision.

How to use in your work

Data will is available free of charge and for non-commercial usage only, and distributed under Creative Commons (checkout links at the top of this page).

If you use this data in your work, please cite it as follow:

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